Fourth Annual

German Language Scholarship Competition

January 14, 2024 at 10:00AM
Virtual Competition

Founded in 1883, the Houston Saengerbund today presents a full season of choral concerts, German cultural events, and music and language competitions. The Houston Saengerbund is excited to present a new statewide opportunity to foster German language by engaging in community outreach on a wider basis. For the very first time, high school students from across Texas will have the opportunity to compete in a virtual German language scholarship competition to qualify for two full scholarships to participate in the AATG Summer Study Program.
Past competitions for Houston Area high school students first included funding for college study, then most recently funded intensive Summer study trips to Germany. While both formats have produced evidence of impressive talents and enthusiastic passion for learning and using the German Language, the immersive Summer study programs are more intensive and are the current focus of the competition.

2023 Language Competition

2023 Scholarship Competition