2020 Scholarship Program

The Houston Saengerbund, founded in 1883, is the oldest musical association in the city and features a Maennerchor (men’s choir), a Damenchor (women’s choir), and a Gemischter Chor (mixed choir).

The purpose of the Society includes, among other things, the promotion of German song and music, and the preservation of the German language and cultural traditions.

To further these ends, the Houston Saengerbund announces the 2020 German Music and Language Scholarship Competition to provide scholarship funding to eligible HOUSTON AREA high school seniors. There are two categories: Singing and Language.

Click on the links above for details for the respective competitions.

The deadline for applying for the Language Scholarship was February 15, 2020; applications are now closed.
The deadline for applying for the Music Scholarship is February 29, 2020; applications are still being accepted.

Guidelines For Audition Recording

  • Dress appropriately as though for a live audition (ie. no jeans or excessive jewelry).
  • Use a fixed point of view for the camera. Shoot straight on, not moving the camera.
  • Be sure the image is clear so the panel can see the applicant’s face.
  • Ensure recording equipment has the ability to capture good sound quality; check for good balance between voice and piano.
  • Make a test recording of the first few phrases, then watch and listen to it on playback. Check the following important things:
    • Sound: Be sure the acoustics in the room are suitable for a recording. Singers should practice in the space to ensure the balance between piano and voice is appropriate.
    • Lighting: Be sure the space is well lit, but not too bright, so that judges can see the applicant’s face clearly. (Too little light and the judges cannot see well. Too much light overexposes so that the judges cannot see facial expressions.)
    • Framing: The camera should be placed at a distance that correctly frames the applicant’s face and body. The camera is too far away if judges can see the entire performance area, but not clearly see the applicant’s facial expressions. If judges can only see the singer’s face and shoulders, the camera is too close.